More Americans turn to the internet for news about politics
Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project
Synopsis: This brief memo shows 26 million Americans were logging onto for news or information about the campaign on a typical day in August, the highest such figure recorded by the Pew Internet Project. That corresponds to 19% of adult internet users, or 13% of all Americans over the age of 18.

Online Banking 2006: Surfing to the Bank
Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project
Synopsis: Online banking is holding steady as a mainstream internet activity, growing along with internet use generally, though not accelerating as have some other forms of online activities. Fully 43% of internet users, or about 63 million American adults, bank online.

How Americans Contact Government
Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project
Synopsis: E-government has efficiency benefits for Internet users, but multiple channels are still needed for citizens to reach agencies and solve problems. The July 2003 survey shows that 97 million adult Americans, or 77% of Internet users, took advantage of e-gov in 2003.

2006 - Precision MarketingOpportunities in Search
Synopsis: 2006 is going to be a year where precision-marketing opportunities will grow and flourish under the ever-evolving Search Engine Marketing (SEM) umbrella, through technology growth. This white paper will discuss some of these new areas for advertising.

Why Content Management Fails
Source:Adaptive Path
Synopsis:So how come nobody actually uses these systems once they’re in place? The answer is easy: People don’t like to change the way they
work, particularly knowledge workers. Over and over I’ve heard the same complaint, “Turns out, after all the budget and time we spent, we really didn’t need a content management system at all. We just needed some editors.”
The Emerging Trend to Sales and Marketing Intelligence
Source: Thomson Media and DM Review
Synopsis:In the coming years, every functional manager will need greater business insight to effectively make decisions that help to keep the company competitive. Sales and marketing intelligence is the quintessential answer to an environment that requires real-time responses to complex questions.
Marketing Has the Right NOT to Remain Silent: Leading companies make their voice heard
Source: Peppers & Rogers
Synopsis: Consumers are frustrated with marketing. They're tired of a slew of daily irrelevant e-mails. Companies are fighting the frustration by asking, "Do we really know who our customers are? Do we understand the value they generate for the business? Do we know what they need? Are we communicating with them in the way they want?"