MIG is a software development company that creates web applications and site management tools for organizations interested in leveraging the Internet to reach and engage communities, sell products and services, and efficiently provide valuable information.

Since 1996, our offerings have evolved from basic websites to eCommerce sites, government websites and e-government applications, automated email services, direct Internet banking systems, search engine optimization analysis and online sales tools.

With this evolution MIG has addressed some of today's unique customer communications challenges using the latest technologies. The net result is that we offer a wide array of hosted services that extend the capability of local government administrators as well as marketing professionals.

Our "ie-Government" and "ie-Marketing Services" provide new and exciting ways to reach your base, combining the best of the Internet with the benefits of direct touch-points that serve your needs.

From our customer-centric design philosophy, to the efficiency and cost savings of our SiteCare services - we discover new ways to make your organization more successful through interactive communications power.

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