MIG has developed an integrated systems strategy called the "interactive enterprise" ("ie-Government", for short). The concept is based on automating different government operations and public information so that they work efficiently together and take advantage of the Internet. The result is to improve efficiency, speed information flow and better respond to the needs of today's local government constituents.

The ie-Government vision means that information is distributed faster and government becomes more responsive to changes. MIG has already pioneered the efficient use of content management and email alerts to support communications. Now, with the release of E-payments and its Recreation Management System, it has leveraged its technical programming skills to create real cost-saving applications that improve service to residents and visitors.

Today, MIG believes interactive communications via the web is a critical channel, one that can quickly offer information and services and is particularly suited to measure. Let MIG help you create truly interactive communications and monitor the effectiveness of your efforts. More on this topic...

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