MIG collaborated with IBM in the early days of the Internet to explore hosting marketing content over the Internet. An idea developed called the "interactive enterprise" ("ie-Marketing", for short). The concept was to host information and provide digital files and ship support materials, using the fast and ubiquitous Internet. The result would be to cut the marketing cycle time by improving the information flow and better respond to sales.

This marketing utopia would mean that products could be introduced faster and the organization could be more responsive to subtle changes in the market. MIG then pioneered a media management service call DMA which helped companies like Motorola, American Standard and Vodaphone facilitate their product sales and distribution of marketing materials.

Today, MIG believes interactive marketing via the web is a critical marketing channel, one that can quickly offer products and services and one that is particularly suited to measure the success of marketing and advertising campaigns. Let MIG help you carry the interactive message and report the effectiveness of other media. Find out how you can optimize the true benefits of multi-channel marketing. More on this topic...

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