Managing websites can become complicated and time consuming as the depth and breadth of a site grows. That's why MIG has created "SiteCare," a single administrative portal for our clients. SiteCare provides useful reporting and controls the features you need to manage your website on a day-to-day basis. Here's just a few of the features SiteCare provides:

  • Single signon to all your websites
  • Use of Sitecare content management
  • Access to ie-WebStats web activity reporting
  • Multiple user access - delegate control to other staff
  • Ability to add users, limit priviledges and control
  • Access to Sitecare test server
  • Priority service - usually within 24 hours for most support requests
With Sitecare there is no additional charge or inconvenience. Your organization can even delegate responsibility to several individuals. The use of Sitecare is dependent on using one or more database routines or other custom programmed systems.
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