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5 Ways to Start A Brewery Business

A lot of people just love a mug or two of ice-cold beer after a tiring day at work. In fact, experts advise that low to moderate beer consumption can actually be good for one’s health, particularly for the heart.

All around the world, beer is consumed by millions of people.

It is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks available. In the U.S., for example, beer is considered the most popular liquor in terms of average consumption. In 2011, Americans guzzled some 6.3 billion gallons of this intoxicating concoction, with the State of New Hampshire as the nation’s top beer-consuming state.

With these facts in mind, it’s no small wonder why more and more entrepreneurs are entering the brewery industry, with many of them growing their own hops in their own backyard farms. But before you join the bandwagon, be sure to first check out these five ways in how you can start your own brewery venture:

Get the right hops

Hops are among the most critical ingredients of any beer recipe. There are Hallertau hops for sale that you can source from a reliable grower to form part of your beer concoction. It’s critical to get the right kind of hops and to have a grower as a regular source of hops since your brewery will need such an ingredient on a continuing basis.

Without hops, your business won’t take off from the ground, let alone succeed.

Devise your business plan

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As with any other business, it’s vital to have a business plan that will serve as your guide in running your brewery. Among other things, your business plan should include your company’s basic details, organizational structure and specific product offerings. it should also spell out your goals, the steps on how you aim to achieve those goals, and other pieces of information that you feel would help you have a clear-cut understanding of your direction.

You only need to have a working draft since you can revise your business plan as you go along to make it responsive to your current and immediate needs.

Mind the legalities

It’s also important that you take care of the legalities needed to operate your business without fear of any legal repercussions. This includes getting the required licenses and permits from local and state agencies.

This also comes with ensuring that your manner of production, sales and distribution of your beer products will be in accordance with all applicable laws. You may need to consult a lawyer or anyone who is well-versed with such legal matters so you won’t make any misstep that could cost you big in the end.

Secure funding

You may connect with potential investors to raise the needed amount to jump-start your brewery business. You may also try to secure a bank loan to supplement your own money. You can even ask your relatives or friends to lend you some money as capital.

The key here is to be resourceful and creative on how you can raise the seed fund to jump-start your brewery business.

Invest in equipment and infrastructure

Among the most important aspects that you must take care of, of course, should be the equipment and infrastructure that you will use to process raw materials into your own beer recipe. You may start with the most basic ones as you perfect your recipes.

You can then gradually invest in more advanced and better equipment as you steadily gain profits. The idea is to start something and work your way up from there.

Just follow these things, and you will have an easy time jump-starting your brewery venture. Best of luck!

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