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Access to a Fully Functioning Sewage System Is a Privilege — But It Should Not Be

Sewage systems use water to carry all the waste away down through the pipes. Having a functioning sewage system can help improve the lives of people within the community. But like everything else, a sewage system can wear out over time.

Once this happens, waste, germs, as well as other toxic chemicals can spread — thus, affecting everyone’s health. Lack of access to the sewage system is not a rare case. Journalists Resource says that at least one-quarter of people in the rural parts of the country have electricity problems.

There are even a couple who have issues with accessing the sewage system. These concerns were common among rural Americans who live in mobile homes.

1. Proper sanitation remains a privilege.

At least 1.5 billion people in the country do not have access to usable plumbing. It means that most human waste often ends up in people’s outdoor space.

The problem with sewage waste is quite common in Lowndes County, Alabama. At least 10% of the population lacks access to a working plumbing system. Instead, they rely on piping running through a pipe away from their homes and into their backyard.

2. Check what you flush.


Disposable wipes have now become popular because of their convenience. That’s why it’s a common sight for almost every household to have baby wipes in their bathrooms. Unfortunately, these disposable wipes aren’t sewer system friendly.

Although companies advertise these as flushable, throwing it down the problem can be problematic. That’s because municipal sewage treatment plants can’t process it. That’s because these disposable wipes are not biodegradable.

Each sheet has a high percentage of polyester plastic that takes more than a few hundred years to break down. It must get filtered out from the treatment plant and taken to the landfill. Like an HVAC condensate pump, any blockage from the pump system can cause it to malfunction.

Aside from being non-biodegradable, each sheet of wet wipes also has various kinds of chemicals in it. The chemicals end up leaking into the water stream, which won’t get removed from the sewage system.

Things can get even more problematic if your house has its septic tank system. Since flushable wipes don’t decompose, it usually ends up clogging the solid side and hinders the pumper from cleaning the tank. If you value cleanliness and want to apply it in the entire establishment, then it’s best to install bidets in each of the cubicles.

Meanwhile, if you’re going to have wipes in the washroom, then install separate trash so people can dispose of them. Doing so will encourage other people to dispose of other non-biodegradable products in its proper place, too.

Not every city has access to a fully-functioning sewage system. If your business is in any of these areas, then you should try to find ways to help maintain its condition.

Tell everyone not to throw things in the toilet. At times like this, everyone should do their share in preserving the sewage system to prevent it from malfunctioning.

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