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Can Advertisements Help Your Business? Here’s What to Know

One of the most challenging yet most crucial parts that can make or break a business is gathering customers. Without people loving, or at the very least, knowing about your product, your business will never take flight. That’s why entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of money on marketing strategies.

If you’ve ever seen videos, images, and texts urging you to purchase or try something, that’s a business’s way of trying to expand its target market. You probably don’t pay attention to them as much as they want to, which brings forth the question; Do advertisements work? This article is our attempt to answer that for you.

Do Advertisements Work?

Did you know that small businesses spend around 4% to 24% of their total annual earnings on marketing and advertisements? If they do this every year, then it’s safe to assume that it’s probably working, right?

The thing is, answering this complex question is not that easy. Businesses would have to spend more of their money not just on marketing but on research as well. They need to figure out if their sales are coming from the advertisements or other means.

Additionally, businesses use different advertisements for marketing their product, which means it would be quite challenging to pinpoint exactly where the revenue is coming from. Nonetheless, they still get reasonable returns from these ads.

However, not all ads work and capture the heart of potential customers. Some marketing strategies can be quite annoying, and these ads would damage your business instead of doing it any good. That’s why it’s also essential to understand the different types of ads and how they work towards promoting your business.

Different Types of Ads

As we’ve mentioned earlier, businesses can use many strategies to get their products out there. It almost always boils down to creativity whether an advertisement will reach the engagement it needs to produce the right results. Since we’re now in the digital era, we’re going to talk about the ads often present on various digital platforms. This may help you decide which type of ads you can use in your business.

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The first type of ads we’re going to talk about is the most famous, or should we say, infamous among all the other strategies we’ll mention here. Pop-up ads are quite genius, but they’re probably despised for it. This type of ad suddenly pops out of nowhere, hence the term pop-up, on a user’s device screen, displaying a particular message aimed to market a product or service. While pop-up ads are undoubtedly effective in catching the user’s attention, they also tend to disrupt the user from whatever he/she is doing, which is why many people often hate them.


The next type of ad is quite effective in keeping people engaged. That’s because video advertisements are entertaining. Since we’re more or less visual beings, we love seeing things in motion. That’s why video ads work in marketing. In some cases, video advertisements tell a story creatively. Because of this, they have the ability o maintain people’s attention for extended periods. There are also lots of software programs that function as video servers, allowing you to monitor the efficiency of your video ads. It would be particularly easier for you to determine whether a video advertisement is working to promote your business through these programs.


One common problem that businesses encounter is how unnatural their advertisements appear on various platforms. This gave birth to a new form of advertisement, called the native ad. While it may be a bit more complicated and require considerable effort, it’s notably effective because it does not disrupt the user from his/her original intent or purpose. That’s because native ads match the flow, pattern, or content of the platform. They often come in articles, blogs, photographs. Furthermore, since many people among the younger generation spend a lot of time watching vlogs or various video content, native ads may also come in promotion from the content creator. This means that an online personality who has a large enough number of followers may promote your product naturally in his/her content in exchange for a compensation package.


Aside from vlogs, podcasts are also slowly gaining popularity. As people start to look for ways to maximize their time, they prefer to work on their tasks while listening to someone’s podcast. That’s why audio ads are also beginning to be effective. Businesses need to be creative in making audio ads to ensure that listeners will not shy away from them.

In a quite competitive industry, it’s harder to rise among the competition and gain leverage. That’s why businesses spend lots of money on making creative content to market their product. If you want your business to succeed, make sure that you know how to use ads effectively.

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