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How Automated Doors Can Benefit Your Business

If you own a business establishment that sees high traffic daily, you know how important it is to have a door accommodating the flow of people in and out. A standard door with a handle may work for smaller businesses, but an automated door is a much better solution for larger businesses. Here are a few benefits of investing in an automated door for your business.

Reduced Energy Costs

One of the biggest benefits of having an automated door is that it can help you reduce your energy costs. When you have a standard door, depending on the climate you live in, that door will be opened and closed multiple times throughout the day, letting all the air conditioning or heat out.

With an automated door, you can program it to open only when someone triggers the sensor, which means that you can keep all that precious air inside where it belongs. Implementing these doors could save you up to 43% on your heating and cooling costs, amounting to large sums of money over time. This would then lead to decreasing in your energy bills month after month.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit of having an automated door at your business establishment is that it can help increase customer satisfaction. Have you ever been to a business and struggled to open the door because it was too heavy? Or maybe you’ve had the experience of trying to rush through a door only to have it close on you before you could fully enter.

Your customers will likely remember times when they’ve had difficulty opening a door. Automated doors will remove this worry by automatically opening as your customer approaches and staying open long enough for them to walk through. As a result, they’ll have a much better experience at your business and be more likely to come back and recommend you to others. An automated door is also a great solution if you have disabled customers since it can offer easy access without needing assistance.

Improved Safety

Another great benefit of investing in an automated door is that it can help improve safety for both your employees and customers. If you have a lot of foot traffic in and out of your business, someone could easily get injured by walking into a door that’s been left open. But with an automated door, that won’t be a problem since it will close automatically after someone has walked through

This can also help reduce the risk of contracting illnesses since your customers do not have to touch a door handle that could be covered in germs. This is especially important considering the current global pandemic.

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Choosing the Right Automatic Door

Now that you know some benefits of having an automated door at your business, it’s time to choose the right one. There are many types and styles of automatic doors on the market:

Sliding Automatic Door

Automatic doors with sliding panels are a modern, efficient way to manage the high-traffic flow. This door is good for businesses with narrow doors since the panels slide open and close horizontally.

They use sensors to detect when someone is near the door and then seamlessly open the panels out of the way. This allows people to enter and exit simultaneously without any obstruction. Sliding automatic doors are becoming increasingly popular in many settings because they provide an elegant solution that doesn’t compromise function or form.

Swinging Automatic Door

Automatic swinging doors are designed to move a door along a hinge instead of horizontally out of the way. This door works best for businesses with a wider doorway since the panels need room to swing open.

Depending on foot traffic, businesses can install these doors to open either inward or outward. You can have continuous hinges by Stanley installed on your doors to create a smooth, effortless opening and closing experience for customers and ensure these doors open and close without any gaps. These doors also come in low-energy models to help conserve your building’s operational resources.

Rolling Automatic Door

This type of door is perfect for businesses with limited space since it doesn’t require door panels to open out of the way. Rolling doors have a series of horizontal sections that roll up like a window shade when someone is near and then roll back down when they’re gone. These doors can be customized to fit almost any opening, making them a versatile solution for many businesses.

Any business owner who sees a lot of foot traffic daily should invest in an automated door. Not only will it reduce energy costs, but customers will also be more satisfied—something any business owner knows is invaluable.

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