Barbecue Party or Sit-down Dinner: Which One Works Better for Your Family Gathering?

The average person will always have family gatherings as part of their yearly routine. Families from all over the world have developed this tradition. These gatherings occur several times a year, mostly during important events such as birthdays, weddings, and holidays.

The Rarity Makes It More Special

Family gatherings essentially do not happen often. This is true for most families who live far from one another. The rarity of these occasions amplifies the value that they hold.

For this reason, every family gathering should be planned well. Of course, there are several means to spend a gathering with our family members. One factor that never goes missing in these gatherings is the food. Almost every social function we have today includes food. And family gatherings are no exception.

While food is guaranteed to be present, there are countless approaches to serve them. Sometimes, our methods of serving and cooking our food can dictate the entire atmosphere of the gatherings. Two of the most prevalent ways of executing this are barbecue parties and sit-down dinners.

These two are often compared because of the way they are conducted. But as different as they may be, these two methods of preparing and serving food during gatherings offer good things in their unique way. With that, we ask, is one of these methods more suited for family gatherings than the other?

Barbecue Parties or Sit-down Meals: Which One Prevails?

Some people may have preferred one over the other solely because of family tradition. On the other hand, some families like to shift between both methods occasionally. Of course, there are several factors to take into account when deciding what to do for our next family gathering.


First, it is fair to ask what families want to do during their gatherings. Do they want to simply relax and engage in deep conversations with their families? Or do they want a lively event packed with many activities to do? Answering these questions can help people decide how to proceed with their gatherings.

Barbecue parties often offer flexibility for more activities because these are typically done outdoors. With this much space, people can do more fun activities. Many event rentals supply games and other activities to help families have more fun outdoors during the barbecue.

On the other hand, sit-down meals are often seen as somewhat rigid. There is practically nothing else to do except converse with those seated near us. Also, conversations during these sit-down dinners can be heard by everyone. This is a good way for families to talk and be updated on each other’s lives.

Family Cultures and Traditions

As mentioned prior, some people prefer one over the other simply because their families have been practicing them for years. In some cultures, barbecuing is essentially a tradition of their people. People who are part of these cultures are more likely to hold barbecues over sit-down meals when gathering with family members. Some families who have historically practiced good table etiquette during gatherings may opt for sit-down meals.

Our traditions and practices can help us determine how to spend our family gatherings. Of course, we are never truly tied to the practices that we perform. We are always free to try out various methods of preparing, serving, and consuming food. But we are most likely to pick up the practices that our families have been doing for years.

Type of Gathering

family gathering

Families should also assess what type of gathering they are having. Is this gathering because of a special occasion or a holiday? Are they gathering to watch their favorite sports events together? The type of activity can be a factor that can help them decide between the two.

Formal gatherings such as weddings and graduations are often celebrated with sit-down meals. Like Thanksgiving in the U.S., some holidays are also traditionally celebrated this way. Sit-down dinners are often the go-to method for formal events.

On the other hand, barbecues are suitable for casual get-togethers such as birthday parties. These gatherings are often done for relaxation and recreation and have an incredibly laid-back ambiance. Barbecues can also make these casual events more fun.

So Which One Is Better?

Honestly, one method is not necessarily better than the other. It will all boil down to the family members’ preferences on having fun during family gatherings. Of course, some situations may demand one method over the other. So ultimately, one only becomes more appropriate than the other if the situation asks for it.

No matter how we serve and prepare our food, we should never forget to spend time with our family members. They are one of the first few individuals to ever take care of us. And it is only fit that we give them time even if it is just a few days a year.

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