How a Business Benefits from Credentials and Accreditations

You know how it was before, right? Your grandparents wanted you to become a doctor or a lawyer because that’s what they think a professional should be. Forget about any other job or even owning a business. If you do not have the certification to prove you are a professional, it wouldn’t matter to your nosy relatives. You’d still be an ordinary employee to their eyes. But in the 21stcentury, things have changed. Even doctors, engineers, and lawyers enter into different business ventures because that is where financial freedom can be attained.

Still, it is important to understand how proper credentials and accreditations will see to it that businesses are taken seriously by the clients and customers. It has become a norm for businesses and professionals to take short courses, attend workshops, and earn certifications so that they can use these to run their businesses and invite clients. And yes, organizations spend an enormous amount of money on proving that they have the proper certifications to do what they say they do.

Continuing Education

Every industry is constantly changing. If your business doesn’t keep up, its competitors will leave it behind. That’s why organizations must encourage their team members to pursue continuing education. And it’s not enough that they finish these courses. In the construction industry, your employees must also have a CSCS card so they can show it to prospective clients and customers. This will prove to your audience that you are putting a premium on the importance of updating your skills and knowledge on the subject matter.

Letters After Your Name

Don’t names with letters after them such as Ph.D., MD, MSc, and BSc look more credible? That’s what achieving more in terms of education and training does. These letters tell customers and clients that you have more knowledge than your other competitors in the market. They will expect you to have additional skills because you supposedly “mastered” the service that you are offering. Having employees with post-nominal letters attached to their names will benefit the company because it means you only employ the best.

Subject-specific Knowledge

Most employees have generic knowledge that they then hone during years of work. Having the right credentials and accreditations, however, will tell customers that you are different from all the other businesses that offer the same services. Other professionals will be more comfortable doing business with you when they see that your employees have the proper knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Expanding Prospects


Sometimes, businesses tend to be intimidated by senior executives. For example, how can a financial advisor reach out to a company’s president or chief executive officer (CEO)? If that advisor has the right credentials and industry experts accredit the company they represent, then the financial advisor will carry that confidence when it is time to present the proposal. Businesses must speak the “language” of their clients. Otherwise, how can an insurance business, for example, convince an executive to let it handle his/her retirement funds?

Specialists Over Generalists

Think about it. Your primary doctor sends you to a specialist because that specialist is better at treating your illness or disease. It’s the same thing when running a business. You need to specialize in something so that people will see you as the more credible business to patronize. Are they going to go to a generalist contractor when they need to have their roof fixed? Or, are they going to hire someone who specializes in roof repair and replacement?

Expertise and Experience

As a customer, you want to pay someone with expertise and experience. You’re not going to pay for the services of someone who is just learning on the job. Your house that needs repair, for example, isn’t something to be practiced on. As the homeowner, you should make sure that you’re only hiring someone with the right credentials. Where do you find these people? You can find them in businesses accredited by proper industry-related groups. That is the purpose of a business pursuing accreditation and licenses.

There is no reason why businesses should stay away from getting licensed and accredited. These accreditations, after all, are the primary attraction of your business to customers. Don’t think that clients can be fooled by fake feedback and recommendations. The market is savvier today than it ever was. Customers know how to research. They take time to get to know a company before they get into business with them. Showing the potential market that you have what it takes to provide the best products and services will lead any business to success.

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