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Five Helpful Hints for an Efficient Studio Space

Studio units are an economical and popular choice for people among all walks of life. These clever design choices can maximise the amount of storage space within your unit while making it a space truly your own.

People living in studio units are becoming a common sight today. These are often the most affordable places to live in major cities, making them often the most affordable option. Studio units and their equivalent in tiny houses have become quite popular among eco-conscious individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint and among people who wish to declutter their lives through minimalistic living.

Small living space is not without its challenges, especially for people still accustomed to elbow room. Keeping your things organised seems especially difficult in the absence of room for cabinets and storage.

An eye for detail and a skill in improvisation, however, can give you a more aesthetically pleasing and well-organised studio apartment or tiny home.

1. Zone Your Unit

Studio units and small homes alike need to be carefully zoned to accommodate the tasks of living. By allocating a specific space for a particular job, you can have a general idea of how big or small furniture has to be to fit into the space efficiently.

2. Keep Hanging on

You don’t need to be a skilled carpenter or artisan to come up with great space-saving custom projects for your studio unit. Some of the best ways to introduce creative do-it-yourself projects for your pad is to put things on the walls. Place wall brackets to transform a blank wall into an expansive shelf for books and other items. Other things that can be mounted on walls include televisions.

Artfully placed hanging storage would create not only extra space within the apartment but also create a visually interesting design choice. Hooks and hanging racks can be used to turn otherwise bare walls into interesting storage spaces for outerwear and hats.

3. Out of Sight (but not out of Mind)

Your home or unit should be a reflection of who you are. The things that should be in open view within the shelves of your home should always be the things you’re proud of seeing—the thing you love. For the sake of both aesthetics and organisation, more utilitarian items—such as medical supplies and stationaries—should be placed in drawers. When using open shelving, dedicated boxes can accomplish the same effect.

4. Shelves in all the Right Places

One of the easiest and most practical of do-it-yourself projects,installing shelves and hooks would allow you to utilise odd spaces within the apartment for storage. Adding a set of shelves over or under places like the kitchen sink and the coffee table at a room not only lefts you store more items in convenient places, but also provide a way to present them in an aesthetically pleasing urban space.

Brackets, for instance, don’t just hold shelving for storage. The right choice of brackets on a strong-enough wall can create surfaces for other uses. Creative use of strategically placed brackets and shelves can create bookcases and desks built into the walls.

5. Double Duty

Trendy furniture in small cozy living room

Save space by having furniture items serve multiple purposes. Daybeds, for instance, would do double duty as a guest bed and a sofa. Dining tables can work as impromptu desks. Hollow wooden cubes not only are useful as storage spaces, but can cycle between being used as coffee tables, ottomans, and seats as needed.


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