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By definition, packaging is an industry term used to refer to the art and technology of enclosing an assortment of products which are destined for storage, shipment, and purchase. It might sound simple; however, this industry plays a critical role in maintaining and protecting the content of products that are available in the market. Some manufacturers even use their brand’s packaging as some trademark or identifier since it also affects the aesthetic appeal of the product.

As a whole, consumers are even known to associate packaging as part of the entire product purchase. Needless to say, the packaging industry has recently become one of the gigantic economic generators in the world. This comes from a recent statistic study by Smithers Pica organization which indicates that the industry will potentially reach a market value of $1 trillion by 2020.

Now, there is no denying that packaging does play a significant role in establishing the connection between manufacturers and consumers. To say the least, it can even drastically boost company sales, given that it is utilized correctly. So if you’re a proprietor looking for new packaging inspiration, ready your top table chain conveyor to print out and mass produce these trendy packaging ideas that will look great on your goods.

Top 3 Packaging Trends

  • Personalized Packaging

Customized or personalized packaging has long been very popular. It is a packaging trend that encourages an individual to relate or connect to a certain brand more closely. Many companies were found to explore this idea during 2018 and received an overwhelming return on investment. This can also prove handy during occasions wherein individuals are most likely to purchase products to give as gifts. After all, most people prefer giving out presents that have a personal touch or homely feel to it.

  • Sustainable Packaging

In recent years, more people are becoming aware of the unfortunate condition of our planet. As a result, zero waste lifestyles and eco-friendly movements have steadily gained momentum for the past year. In 2019, it has continued to become popular what with the increasing number of people who are opting for eco-friendly brands and manufacturers. Joining this trend will not only give you an advantage in the industry but also let you contribute to the betterment of the environment.

  • Minimalistic Packaging

minimalistic box

Consumers have long forgotten bold effects and exaggerated themes as they choose products and labels with a minimalistic design. Surprisingly, a lot of individuals have grown fond of simple themes and designs. In contrast, people seem to reject the idea of having overwrapped and wordy-labeled products. But on the bright side of things, this type of packaging is a lot more cost-efficient compared to others.

The packaging alone can appeal to your target market effectively. When used and strategized correctly, a company has the potential to create a lasting impact on consumers. While there are great ideas that you can use for packaging and manufacturing, the truth is that success will highly depend on the correlation between your product and its ‘cover’.

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