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Green up Your House with Low-maintenance Succulent Plants

While you do need a bit of space to start a garden, a small corner of the patio or even your windowsill is good enough for succulent plants. That’s what’s great about these plants. They can grow almost anywhere. They are so easy to maintain. They are no-fuss plants perfect for small and large living. Yes, even if you live in a tiny house, taking care of succulents is still possible.

Who knows, you can even start your own succulent business and offer landscaping franchise opportunities. Gardening has a life of its own. It can take you anywhere. Some of the popular gardeners out there started out with a tiny herb garden to grow parsley and spring onion. The next thing they know, they have landscaped their backyard and are growing succulent plants all over. Then they’re blogging about succulents. Further down the road, they find themselves selling seeds and gardening accessories and authoring books about succulents.

Like with many things in life, there’s really no telling how gardening can have an impact on you. And the best thing about it is that you’re literally benefiting from these plants. If you have a small house, you don’t need to worry. Succulents are the best friends of people who live in an apartment or a condo building.

Let Them Be

The best thing about caring for succulents is that you can let them be. But, of course, that comes with a caution. You can’t let the succulents be without light or water for weeks. While they can survive without everyday watering and light, they will wither and die if they go without for weeks.

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Know what your particular succulent plant needs. If the plant thrives under the scorching sun for 12 hours, then place it in a south-facing windowsill. As for the other plants, put them in a shaded part of the house, but take them out at least every weekend for the much-needed sunlight.

For the most part, that’s what you have to understand about succulents. Place them in areas of the house where they will thrive, and you never have to worry about them. Succulents such as aloe do well in the shade.

Water Them

Just because these plants thrive and survive in hot and humid weather conditions doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be watered. Research about the particular succulents you’re growing. Emulate the rainfall patterns that are native to their habitat. That sounds a little bit scientific, but it’s not.

In the desert, rain comes in a deluge. In short, these plants need to get completely soaked until water comes out of the bottom of the pot. But here’s the good thing: you only need to water them again when the soil is completely dry.

Don’t Tame Them

It’s tempting to grow the saguaros. They look like the real tree-like cactus you see in the desert. But some things are just not meant for indoor planting no matter how good you are with them. Focus instead on the plants that are okay to grow on your windowsill. The snake plant and the Mammillaria cacti are good plants to grow indoors.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the small things you need to do for these succulents, you’ll enjoy having them in your home more. Not only are they so great to look, but they also add life to a room. You don’t even have to worry about them taking up space in your small house. These tiny plants are non-obtrusive, and many of their variants don’t grow too large.

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