How Your Brand Image Affects Your Company

Brand image is more than just a company’s logo and tagline. It also involves the quality of your products or services, and other assumptions consumers have about your business based on their experiences with it. People’s perception of your brand affects how well you can sell a product or service.   For example, if they assume that your company is an industry leader, they’re more likely to buy from you even if your prices are a bit higher than your competitors. Simply put, the more trustworthy your brand image is, the more customers feel confident in your products or services.

The visual elements of your business also make up your brand image, including your website, store, and business card. Your employees also share a significant role in imparting a positive image, especially if they wear professional-looking corporate uniforms.

That said, what else does a brand image contribute to a company?

Brand Image Creates a Lasting Impression

Some business owners may perceive the brand image as unnecessary costs, especially on the topic of aesthetic websites and business cards. Though these factors may initially seem superficial, they play a significant part in creating a lasting impression on customers. If your website is not just user-friendly but also appealing in design and content, your customers will have a pleasant experience browsing and ordering from it. If you have a physical store, its cleanliness and attractive furnishing can entice customers.

The business cards and other corporate materials you hand out can also have a lasting impact on your customers if its design and layout exhibits professionalism. Presentation highly matters if you’re only getting one chance to impress your customers.

Brand Image Earns You Recognition and Credibility

When companies are consistent in the brand image they’re portraying, they’d be easily recognized not just from their logos, but from their service style and quality as well. Consistency in the quality of service you’re delivering forges you a connection with your customers, which earns your brand a trustworthy and credible image.

Your brand is your promise to your customer, hence consistency is key. If you maintain the quality of your product from its packaging to the contents, it will contribute to your customers’ relationship with your brand. In addition, your company’s mission and core values should also be reflected in your products and services. As a result, you’d be able to consistently deliver your brand’s promise, earning you a strong brand image ultimately.

Ways to Enhance Brand Image

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83% of individuals put their trust in a brand based on recommendations from friends and family. As a business owner, it is your duty to understand what matters to your customers and what factors influence their assumptions about your brand.

In today’s digital age, social media presence is valued, hence, your brand should be active on various social media platforms. Engage with your customers daily by posting high-quality photos, blogs, and other types of content. 90% of big companies are highly active on social media, so if your own small business does the same, the brand image you can carry can put you at par with the industry leaders.

Other than social media, a dedicated website also matters. Small businesses that wish to appear successful should have their own high-quality websites with an impressive design. A dedicated website conveys that your brand is regularly consumed, so the launching of one is necessary. When building your website, make sure it’s on the same level as your bigger competitors to portray an established brand image.

Automating your telephone system can also improve your brand image. Pre-recorded messages and number dial pathways give you a more professional brand image as opposed to manual systems. Make sure the audio recordings are of high-quality, and that they communicate clear and concise information.

Design your brand image based exactly on what you want to promise and convey to your customers. It is advised to do this at the early stages of the business so that you already have a clear and consistent image on the market right at the beginning of your operations.

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