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Unusual Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Your employees are undeniable assets. Without their energy, drive, and loyalty, the company will experience lower productivity and efficiency levels. Your expenditures will surge, and achieving your business goals will be tricky. This is why employers should always find ways to boost their employees’ motivation.

Monetary incentives are not the only thing you can offer to keep employees motivated. If you are looking for sure-fire but unusual ways to boost employee motivation, you can consider the following.

Invest in a Life Coach

Most successful public figures have their own life coaches. From Oprah to Bill Gates, these two trust their life coaches to provide timely feedback just when they needed them. You and your employees can also benefit greatly with the help of the right coach.

It can be quite difficult to ensure each one of your employees is motivated. With all the responsibilities they have to fulfill and the other stressors present in their lives, it can be quite difficult to achieve a work-life blend. The result includes stressed-out employees with low productivity levels and poor morale.

One good way to help you and your employees find ways to handle stress and all your responsibilities is to hire a life coach online. When employees are able to maintain that delicate balance between their personal life and work, they can work more productively and efficiently. They will make greater contributions to your company because they are motivated at their jobs.

Three undeniable benefits of life coaching include the following.

Help You and Your Employees With Goal Setting

We often get too overwhelmed with all our responsibilities. But when you have goal-oriented staff, they will have more reasons to work harder and smarter. The right coach can help you and your employees set clear goals that will push everyone to move forward despite the challenges of everyday life.

Bring Back a Sense of Clarity and Commitment

Burnout is one of the common reasons why many workers leave their jobs. Employees without vision end up staying just for the sake of keeping their jobs or will leave the company once a better opportunity arises. Coaches help employees realize the reason why they have chosen to work for the company in the first place and bring back their sense of clarity and commitment.

Boost Employees’ Confidence and Self-Esteem

Many employees struggle with confidence and self-esteem issues. Chances are, they can bring these issues to work, thus impacting their productivity and quality of work. The right coach can provide a secure space for personal development. In turn, this boosts your employees’ confidence and self-esteem in and outside the workplace.

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Demonstrate Trust by Offering Flexibility

Do you ever wonder why many companies offering flexibility to their workers are thriving? For one, this gives employees the chance to improve their work-life balance. Second, this shows that you trust your employees enough to do great in their jobs without needing to micromanage them.

According to a study, 84% of job seekers rank flexibility as the most important factor when considering a job opportunity. Flexible jobs enable them to achieve a better balance between work and their personal life. The following are some ways you can offer better flexibility for your employees.

  • Opportunity for career breaks
  • Full-time remote work
  • Better control of their arrival and departure times
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Choice in work shifts
  • Caregiving leave

Get to Know Their Personality Types

Your employees have different personalities. They have different likes and dislikes, preferred leadership styles, and motivating factors. Managing a diverse workplace can be tricky but, it’s not impossible.

Understanding your employees’ personalities helps avoid conflict. This also helps improve your way of making decisions concerning your employees. You will appreciate the diverse personalities of your employees more and find ways to manage and motivate each one effectively.

The following are four common employee personality types and what you can do to motivate each one.

The Driver

Drivers are natural leaders that like to take control and step up to their role. They like getting things done, taking in more responsibilities, and simply taking the lead. Acknowledging their strengths, avoiding micromanaging, and helping them create a path in achieving their goals are the best ways to motivate them.

The Analytical

Employees with this personality often enjoy working alone. They are quite perfectionists and often over-analyze situations. If you want to motivate your analytical employees, use facts, give them space, and be careful when making decisions.

The Expressive

These are the kinds of employees who love to have fun, gather enthusiasm, and are great at persuading people. Be willing to listen to what they have to say and show your appreciation for their charisma and sense of humor. Encourage them by giving them more freedom in their jobs.

The Amiable

These are your calm and reserved employees. They can easily get stressed out and do not appreciate last-minute projects. Work closely with them, be kind, encourage them to take more risks, and avoid overwhelming them.

Sometimes, it takes more than just a high salary and amazing benefits to keep your best talents. Sometimes, you need to be creative when keeping your staff motivated. You can always try these strategies if you are in need of more ideas to motivate them.

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