Office Building Maintenance – What You Need to Know

Owing an office building can be a great way to grow your property portfolio. However, it can also result in a lot of headaches and difficulty if it is not kept well-maintained.

When you own an office building, many things need to be done to maintain it. Here are eight things to consider when taking care of your office building.

1. Preventative Maintenance Programs for Buildings

The first step, especially if you have tenants who require access 24/7, is setting up a preventative maintenance program for your buildings. This means having skilled people come in periodically and inspect different parts of your facilities. For example, the heating system’s filters should be cleaned every three months or earlier if needed.

Also, any damaged pipes or electrical wires should be repaired immediately. If nothing seems out of place, then this will help ensure minimal problems in the future. If something does come up, it will be easier to have your proper workers come in and fix the issue as soon as possible.

2. Ensure Accessibility Around the Building, Including the Roof

Just like you should make sure all of your tenants can easily access their spaces inside of your building, ensuring they can access their property from the roof is a must.

If a tenant wants to put louvers on their roof, there may not be an easy way for them to do that if there are no ladders or stairs connecting their space with the roof.

It would be best to consider everyone’s needs when taking care of these spaces since accessibility is one of the most critical factors in maintaining a safe environment.

3. Tenant Communication

Ensure that all of your office building’s tenants are kept up to date on what is going on with the building.

If there is a problem, they need to know about it to plan around it and let their worker know how to access the space if something goes wrong.

Make sure you do not over-communicate; an email once every month or two should suffice.

4. Contact Your Tenants Regularly

If you want your business space in good condition, make sure you contact each tenant at least once every month or two. This will ensure that any problems, big or small, get taken care of right away instead of having them fester for weeks before anyone does anything about them.

It also gives tenants peace of mind to know that their landlord is taking care of their business spaces.

5. Service Provider Coordination

It can be beneficial to have all of your service providers coordinate with each other if they are working in the same office building.

This means that if one service provider needs to take up space where another normally works, then they will find a time that is best for both parties, so there is minimal downtime for any tenant who might need access to their unit during this transition.

This coordination will also help ensure things are being done at the most efficient pace possible, which results in better value for tenants and landlords alike.

6. Common Area Maintenance

Having a well-maintained common area can be very important for tenants since it helps give them peace of mind that their business space is safe and secure.

Ensure you do regular walk-throughs of your building’s common areas to inspect anything that might seem out of place.

Also, try to clean the entryways of your buildings regularly, so they look their best for all visitors.

7. Maintenance for Outdoor Spaces

A maintenance plan covering your outdoor spaces, including the roof, parking lots, and landscaping, can be important for office buildings.

This helps ensure that any exterior problems can be resolved right away to keep tenants happy and safe.

Keeping your building’s property well-maintained also helps increase your overall value as a landlord. You can contact a commercial parking lot sweeping company to help with this if you are looking for an affordable service.

8. Security Measures


When it comes to security measures, you can never have enough. Make sure doors are secure so unauthorized people cannot get inside your building.

Also, install security cameras at key entrances or exits so you can monitor potential problems yourself or have a proof for any wrongdoing after the fact.

Having a well-secured office building is good for business and helps give tenants peace of mind when they are working late at night.

When it comes to maintaining an office building, there are several things you need to do if you want your tenants to stay safe, clean, and comfortable at all times. Ensure that all doors leading into the building are secure so that only authorized people have access inside.

Also, take care of any roof issues quickly, so no one has a reason to worry about whether their office space is going to be safe for them or their clients. Follow these tips, and you will have a problem-free building that always looks its best.

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