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Physical Factors that Affect Your Business’s Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, we always think of a pleasing personality first. While it’s true that a pleasant attitude coupled with a bright smile can appease a begrudging customer, enhancing their experience takes more than just appeasing them. The physical characteristics of the business itself should play a role, too. If the customer doesn’t like what they see, you might not have another chance to change their feelings.

Customers still prefer to shop in-store in 2021. No matter how convenient online shopping gets, nothing can match the experience of being in a physical store. Get geared to entice your customers in 2022 by addressing these physical factors that can affect your customer service:

1. Location

Location is one of the most crucial factors to consider when starting a business. It determines the accessibility of your establishment. Choose a place too far, and your target market might not reach it easily. Choose something in the heart of the city, and rent might be too expensive.

The best location is affordable and accessible. A suburban location, for example, is often cheaper than metropolitan areas. Since it’s still close to the city, metropolitan customers can still reach it by driving or public transport.

2. Parking Space

An accessible location doesn’t just mean a place near the market but also accommodating their other needs, like parking. If you don’t cater to a market that owns private cars, a lack of parking space might not be an issue. But otherwise, your customers would definitely demand a parking space.

A parking space also indicates a good community or city. It means the area is aware of the people’s needs and makes commercial establishments convenient for them. As such, parking might be the second-most important factor to consider when starting a business, next to the location.

An ample parking space gets more business in, especially in commercial hubs where different businesses operate. They’re also a non-negotiable in grocery stores, wellness facilities, and businesses where large shipments often arrive.

The maintenance of the parking also matters. You can’t provide a parking lot only for it to be a hazard for cars and customers. A cracked asphalt, for example, could damage tires and pose a trip hazard for people. Hence, you should invest in high-quality upkeep, such as sturdy asphalt sealing and vibrant road markings. Also, don’t forget the parking space for persons with disabilities.

3. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal isn’t something only residential properties should possess. It’s important for businesses too, especially in real estate, like rental properties. But the curb appeal of restaurants and storefronts is also crucial. A well-maintained lawn suggests that the entire property is properly maintained as well.

If your business looks attractive to a passerby, it would hold their attention and encourage them to walk into your premises. This gives you a chance to sell to them, and if you do that well, you might also get a chance to turn them into loyal customers.

In addition, good curb appeal increases the value of the property. If you own the commercial space, you can resell it or rent it out for a higher price over time.

Thankfully, improving curb appeal isn’t as costly as looking for a good location or maintaining a parking lot. Simply cleaning the storefront and watering the plants regularly will do. Keep trash bins out of sight as well.

Even it’s not making a mess, it’s still visual clutter. Putting up visible and legible signage is another trick because it can drive attention away from imperfections. A “sale” signage in red background and white block letters never entices customers to buy.

4. Temperature

If employees can’t be productive in a space that’s too hot or too cold, customers might feel something similar in such a business establishment. They might not focus well on the products if the retail store is freezing or sweltering hot. Likewise, they won’t enjoy receiving a service if the temperature in the room is uncomfortable.

Some business owners intentionally drop or increase the thermostat to save costs. Unfortunately, it costs them high productivity as a result. Workplace performance increases between 69.8 and 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit (21-22 degrees Celsius). If that increases your energy bills, use energy-efficient window treatments or an Energy Star HVAC unit.

Don’t make your employees put up with discomfort for the price of a few bucks. When their productivity is at its peak, they’ll be more motivated to bring in more customers, letting you compensate for your utility costs with high revenue.

Always keep these four physical factors at their best, and your customer service will enhance. They’ll create a greater in-store experience that encourages loyalty and increases your profits.

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