Prying Google Trends: 3 Spot-On COVID-19 Businesses Based on Google Searches

If only there was a way for us to look into the future like some kind of modern-day Oracle of Delphi showing guidance to a young Alexander the Great, we may be able to start the right business. And earn outrageous income thereafter. Right? Knowing which business idea will have the most impact in the near future is definitely a shot in the arm. It eases us of the burden of going back-and-forth tinkering about what business is worth our time and effort.

But the answer could be right in front of us. Data from Google searches, amassed into one useful site called Google Trends, may just tip us off of some of the greatest businesses awaiting us in the future. And this is nowhere as useful as in the cases of dire economic straits such as a recession. Take note that it was the Great Depression that gave us Disney and some of the biggest American companies today.

In every economic downturn lies a golden opportunity. Airbnb and Uber were born after we lost over 500,000 jobs in 2008. People wanted alternative incomes. By the same token, here are three of the biggest search trends showing you what people want in COVID-19 times. In that sense, they should be ripe businesses for the taking.

Home Improvement: 140% Search Growth

Indeed, people have found the merits of independence during the pandemic. And who wouldn’t? Seeing the lines of empty aisles in groceries all over America should make you think of finding ways to self-sustainability.

So, it’s no accident that people are into gardening and raising livestock. When you are met with stiff competition, the idea of taking matters into your own hands is logical. Interest in raising poultry is on the rise in the northeast where the shortage of eggs has become an everyday experience.

And taking a cue on all this trend, businesses supporting such self-sustainability are thriving (e.g., Home Depot). And true enough, searches on the home garden are rising by as much as 140% in the last months. Plumbing and gardening searches also rose by as much as 245%.

In a way, this could be a big clue in real estate investing. As you now know that people are more into self-sustainability, partnering with property investors who prioritize home gardens and wide enough spaces for independent living is a wise move. You’re actually putting into action knowledge that’s based on the right data points.

Gaming: 145% Search Growth

nintendo switch

Obviously, entertainment is top of the searches. And it’s but logical as it provides the needed escape from people tortured by a lockdown for months on end. A concrete example of this is the Nintendo Switch. It’s selling like hotcakes. The big wave of interest can be traced to a new release, Animal Crossing, a global phenomenon to date.

To date, America has spent a whopping $1.597 billion on hardware for gaming alone. The open web is also experiencing unprecedented growth with a 145% rise in page views of gaming publisher sites.

You can maximize trending games if you want to invest. For instance, there’s a lot of interest in games with world-building scenarios.

Health and Fitness: 2,000,000% Search Growth

This can be jaw-dropping indeed. But as people see the negative effects of the virus, interests in keeping one’s self as fit as possible are rising to astronomical heights. People want to live healthier, longer lives.

And this could be the biggest business opportunity for you. As news of how obese people are taking a beating when it comes to COVID-19 deaths pounded America, people are taking slimming seriously. Thus, searches for weight loss have spiked. It has increased crazily as lockdowns were implemented all over America.

Of course, this has also been spurred by subsequent research. A study that reviewed over 399,000 patients and printed in Obesity Reviews found out that COVID-19 patients with obesity are 113% more prone to land in the hospital than those who are not overweight. Worse, they’re more likely to die.

Statista further confirmed people’s obsession with losing weight. Over 2.6 home workout apps (no equipment) have been downloaded during the pandemic. As people are stuck at home, they’re looking at ways to make the most of their time. Exercise and staying fit have become a priority, thanks to all the emphasis on health provided by the virus.

Moreover, there are lots of ways that businesses satisfy the need for wellness. Some made a fortune by offering ways to cook healthy for instance. Being able to satisfy this market may be a huge challenge. But the good news is you have strong data to start with. And that may be the only thing you need to start striking it rich.

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