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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Mother Earth’s Last Frontier

We are all aware of Mother Earth’s present state. Constant burning of fuels, such as natural gas, oil, gasoline, and coal are increasing the level of carbon footprints in the atmosphere. Accordingly, carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the increase in greenhouse gases and global warming. Climate change remains to be the top environmental issue that all of us should be aware of. If no effort is given to solve this issue, the safety of mankind and wildlife will be at risk.

Environmental threats, such as super typhoons, abnormal drought, and imbalance in wildlife, lead to the extinction of some species. We, humans, are the perpetrator of these problems since as stated above, we have bombarded the earth with too much pollution to satisfy our needs and wants. Although Mother Earth can heal itself, it would take millions of years for our home to fully restore its natural resources.

With so much to lose, you should be aware and take responsibility by helping various environmental groups and organisations to ease the agony of nature. You can start simply in your own home. Small efforts count and when added together, these will be a great contributing factor to ease underlying problems. Here are some small ways to save your home:

The Famous 3 Rs

  • Reduce:

Start by lessening your usage of plastic. According to a study published and conducted by Our World in Data, statistics show that in 2015 alone, the world produced a whopping 381 million tons of plastic. If no one will act, it is estimated to even triple in a few years.

Another way you can help is by reducing your usage of automobiles. Truly, cars ease our agony of daily transportation. However, according to researchers from the Union of Concerned Scientists, automobiles release approximately 333 million tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. This figure excludes carbon dioxide produced by factories and fuel depots. Instead of using your cars to go to nearby places, why not resort to walking or cycling.

  • Reuse and Recycle:

Reusing and recycling materials, such as plastic bottles, that can be used as gardening pots could help reduce the inflation of greenhouse gases. Another way is installing a greywater system that allows you to reuse home water waste for gardening and cleaning.

According to an article published by Natural Resources Defense Council 2019, 80% of the world’s wastewater is dumped and left untreated, which leads to various environmental and health-related threats. Installing a greywater system in your home lowers the risk of water pollution.

Plant a Tree
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Lastly, the most important act to help solve this problem is by planting trees. Trees play a major role in absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing it as oxygen. According to ThoughtCo, an environmental blog, a single tree can absorb approximately one ton of carbon footprint throughout its lifetime. Imagine, what more can a forest do?

Be different. One small act can lead to better changes. Help diminish climate change before this problem causes massive destruction. Remember, a little effort goes a very long way.

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