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Six Great New Business Services Ideas

When it comes to business services, there is always room for market growth. If you have the right idea and proper execution, your new business will survive and thrive in the industry.

Here are six interesting options you could look into.

Food Storage and Delivery

Over the past few months, several pharmaceutical companies have started rolling out the initial versions of a covid-19 vaccine. Even so, a mass-produced, large-scale delivery of the treatment has yet to be fully put in place. As a result, there is still a need for social distancing and isolation.

From a new business perspective, this provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to look into food and storage delivery services. Even if many restaurants and other eateries already do this, the industry still has a lot of room for growth. All you need is a few Lakeside foodservice equipment items and the right online marketing campaign, and you are good to go.

Online Brand Management

And speaking of the right online marketing campaign, one of the many benefits of 5G technologies and the geometric growth of social media is that it has allowed individuals and businesses to get out there in a fast, efficient, affordable manner. From giant multinational corporations to small mom-and-pop businesses, the internet is the best way for them to promote their products and services and build interactive relationships with their clientele.

As such, if you have a keen eye for detail, a background in media or design, and a little IT knowledge, a career in digital marketing or brand management are the way to go.

Handyman Services

Another great small business idea is to provide all kinds of handyman services to both retail and corporate clients. Aside from the regular cleaning, landscaping, and minor repair services, there are plenty of other avenues you could take.

For instance, one of the items on your service list menu could be installing and integrating smart home devices and appliances. Many people are interested in buying smart TVs, washing machines, voice-activated speakers, and motorized curtains but cannot properly install them in their homes.

Thus, if you know smart devices and network systems, you could offer your clients valuable solutions for home entertainment, convenience, and safety.


CRM Outsourcing

Any self-respecting enterprise aiming to improve efficiency, maximize output, close sales leads, and grow revenue and profitability needs to be using a customer relationship management platform. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes depending on what you want. Some firms might need to scale up their businesses, while others are more interested in sales cloud customizability or customer prospecting.

As with smart homes, the issue is one of expertise and know-how. While some CRMs are pretty straightforward and require basic to no previous knowledge, more robust solutions like Salesforce and Zoho CRM need at least an individual with an entry-level certification.

If you are willing to dedicate three to six months of your life to get one, there is a wide range of viable business options you could tap into.

Content Writing

You will be hard-pressed to find a person who has not heard about terms like search engine optimization (SE0), keywords, backlinks, analytics, bounce rates, and content management systems (CMS). After all, they are the foundation for getting the largest number of visitors to your site and keeping them coming back.

If you and a few friends have SEO skills and a passion for writing, setting up a company that provides content creation services would be a great idea. There are three reasons for this. First, you would be doing something you love in the comfort of your own home. Second, you would be able to decide your schedule and workload based on availability. Finally, there is a growing market need for content writing, and thus, you would be working with different clients in various business areas.

Virtual Assistants

The covid-19 global pandemic has left millions of qualified individuals unemployed. The result of this has been a massive underused supply of talent and skill.

As an entrepreneur, you could be the link between people with ability but no jobs and those who need assistance in their various employment areas. For example, you could set up an online platform to connect both parties based on skills needed and work schedules.

An IT specialist could hire a virtual assistant from Thailand or the Philippines to help him with his accounting. Simultaneously, a small business manager in Tokyo could use the help of a computer specialist in South America to deal with IT systems and network infrastructure.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities in the business services industry. Six great ideas are food and storage, online brand management, handyman services, CRM outsourcing, content writing, and virtual assistants. With the constant development of technology and communication systems, they are among the most viable paths to entrepreneurial success.

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