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Things to Prepare for Your Company’s Christmas Party

We are barely done with the first quarter of the year. That means Christmas is still months away. Still, if you are the type who likes preparing early, there is no stopping you from putting in gear your events committee. As they say, early birds catch the worm. Here the worm you are eyeing is a Christmas party that is out of this world.

Make sure you gather your most creative employees to join the event committee. Or better yet, if you have a sufficient budget, why not outsource the planning and execution to professional event marketers? That way, your entire team can sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy their evening.

Meanwhile, you can oversee the critical aspects of the event. Here is a list of considerations requiring you to be hands-on.

Think of a theme

Yes, you can throw a theme-less party, but where is the fun in that? Why not think of a party theme that the majority of your staff will appreciate? Here we say majority because it is inevitable for someone from your pool of employees to have something negative to say about whatever theme you come up with. Push forward with your plans anyway.

The best part of a themed party is that it gives everyone the chance to exhaust their creativity. Even the people from the accounting department will get to play with the right side of their brain.

Book the venue early

If you are short on budget, you will probably have the party in the most spacious function room in your corporate building. However, if money’s not an issue, you will likely book a fancy venue. Do not wait until the last minute. Book as early as possible.

Keep in mind that people are excited to party these days. And come last quarter of the year, everyone will be ready to party like they used to. Organizations will be fighting for the best venues out there. You do not want to be left with what others said no to.

Come up with creative gift ideas

It’s the holidays. Your employees deserve a well-thought-out gift basket. You may outsource your corporate gifting needs. That is one task off of your to-do list.

However, make sure you still have input in the process. You are the one who knows your employees best, after all. Suggest what you think will excite your gift recipients.

Create an entertaining program

Your program should not make your attendees yawn, hoping they stayed home with their families or furry companions instead. Make it as fun as possible. Include performers both from your staff and invited pros. Get the services of a seasoned events host. They will know how to keep the guests entertained throughout the night.

Do not make the program too long. Devote enough time for the anything-goes part of the night where the dance floor opens, and the DJ starts spinning music.

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Research fun games

Pepper the program with fun games. Do not repeat the same games you did last year. That will make you look lazy. Instead, research new ideas online. A few clicks will surely introduce you to silly but enjoyable games you would not have thought about yourself. Or, you can have your hired events management team pull off this job. You need to have the final say, however.

Make sure to have prizes prepared for the winners of these games. The holidays are not the time to scrimp.

Decide on the menu

You want all of your employees to be fed well. Offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. That way, you are not excluding anyone from enjoying a company-sponsored meal. Ask your HR staff if there are employees with diet restrictions. That is for everyone’s safety. The last thing you want to happen is to see someone convulse on the floor due to an allergic attack from the food you served.

On top of food, do not forget the open bar. Make sure the cocktail menu complements the party’s theme.

The months go by fast. There is no such thing as too early when planning for a big event such as a company-wide Christmas party. If you want everything to be in order come the day of the event, it is best to devote ample time to prepare.

You do not want to cut corners here. Employees look forward to this year-end party. After working hard for the entire year, they deserve to feel special. Go out of your way to give your employees a night to remember for years to come.

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