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Top Qualities of Good Business Signage

Throughout the years, signs have become part of our culture. It is even considered an art form, with neon signs being a part of our history and some signs and logos becoming cultural icons. That is why businesses have to learn and invest so much time, effort, and resources in good signage. It becomes part of your brand identity.

Fortunately, there are now professional service providers who can help you create your sign. They have the experience and equipment, such as the wide format laminating machine, to help you make visible and effective signage that can withstand different weather conditions. These experts also share some important characteristics of good signage.

Size Matters

The purpose of business signage is to attract customers. If you are operating locally, then you target the people who walk or drive by your business establishment. For this reason, your sign should be big enough, tested for visibility from the street level.

Sign makers would share their pro-tip to make your sign as big as your location and budget permits. This way, they have more to work with in terms of branding and sharing information.


Business Signage of a Corner Store

When people walk or drive by your business site, it is important that your sign draws their attention. Aside from the side, positioning is also important. If your sign is not in a visible or exposed area, then it is just a waste since no one will see it.

There could be existing laws, regulations and local ordinances as to where you can place your business signage. You have to comply and work within the rules.


Aside from positioning the sign, you should be mindful of what you should place on the sign, along with its general design and layout, so it can have the effect you’re looking for. An effective store sign should indicate your business name and logo, a tagline and a list of products and services that you offer.

You should be wary of placing too much information. It is better to concentrate on who you are, what you are, and if possible, what makes you stand out. For example, if you are a convenience store whose edge is that it operates 24 hours, then it would be logical to include that in the main signage. If your store is only open during normal office hours, then it might not be necessary to place that anymore.


Graphic artists and designers have certain rules and principles to follow when making a layout. Logo placement, font sizes, and colors are all important elements.

Some useful, general tips that they share is to ensure that the colors used in the signage are eye-catching and do not blend in with the background or backdrop color of the building behind it. The colors should be impactful without being too much of a distraction.

Along with color visibility, you should also provide proper lighting, specifically at night. The signage should also be properly maintained. If there is dust buildup on your sign or if it’s vandalized, people will think that you have closed down.

Many businesses would make the mistake of not prioritizing their signage. This should not be an afterthought because even if you have quality products and services, it would not be beneficial if people are not aware of them.

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