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Ways to Become Part of the World of Below-the-Line Marketing

The world of marketing and advertising is bigger than you think. It has a lot of realms and sub-realms that fulfill the needs of brands and organizations. This is why many people capitalize on this industry; you will never run out of clients, as there will always be companies that need publicity and increase in sales.

It will be a good idea to be part of this world, but before you dive right into it, you should find the right niche that will help make the most of your strengths and resources. You may consider going for above-the-line advertising or digital, but you may also consider below-the-line marketing.

Below-the-line marketing is usually defined as a branch of marketing that uses means of communication besides TV, radio, and print. This covers on-ground events and tactical executions where there is direct response or participation from the audience.

If you are looking to start a business in this realm, there are some ideas to consider. Here are some of them.

1. Start a printing company.

While billboards are basically print materials, there are still companies that consider this medium as a below-the-line tactic. You will always see billboards, and their images can be arresting. You cannot turn it off, which is why people are exposed to it.

With lots of companies using billboards, it makes sense that you consider starting a printing company. Other than printing services, you can offer top-ups and related solutions, such as graphic design and final artwork rendering. A small design studio is nice to have.

2. Go for swag making.

Trade shows and events are part of below-the-line tactics. And brands participating in such happenings are always looking for suppliers of giveaways and souvenirs. With this need in mind, why not consider starting a business offering promotional products.

You can sell swag items, such as mugs, shirts, umbrellas, and other novelties. But if you want to go for a stable business model, there are franchises that have screen printing businesses.

3. Consider experiential marketing.

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Marketing tactics become more convincing when customers get to experience what the brand has to offer. This is why many businesses go for experiential and interactive marketing where customers can try their products and services first-hand.

To become a supplier, you may start a brand activation company. You may build booths and designs for trade shows. You may even become a supplier of LED screens and other tech items necessary for coming up with interactive advertising executions.

4. Start an events firm.

Below-the-line marketing is usually about events. Trade shows and brand activations are some of them. Your way into the industry is by becoming an events planner. You can work as a solo coordinator, or if you are willing to invest, why not start your own events firm?

Being part of the below-the-line marketing industry as an entrepreneur will help you materialize your business dreams and visions. Build your networks of clients and learn to collaborate with other agencies to come up with a solid marketing campaign.

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