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Winter Side Hustles You Can Start ASAP

The Alliant Credit Union revealed that Americans plan to spend about a thousand this year. Nearly $700 of that goes toward families, friends, and co-workers. These numbers are 5 percent less than in 2019. But for any average American, that’s still too much money.

People then have two choices: cut back on expenses or earn extra cash. Those who want to do the latter can consider this popular winter side hustles:

1. Snow Removal Services

Snow removal is an intense time commitment and dangerous work. It increases the risk of injuries such as slips, trips, and falls.

Despite these hazards, demand for snow removal services remains high throughout winter. Homeowners want to get their driveways and sidewalks cleared as soon as possible so that they can start their day without any hassle.

Starting a snow removal business is an intelligent money-making move for those in cold climates. Top earners can take home a whopping $5,000 a month.

However, homeowners will hire a person who can work fast and efficiently, so business owners will have to devise a plan to complete tasks in hours, not days. If they’re serious about getting more clients for this side hustle, they should also consider:

  • Getting permits and licenses: Residential snowplow operators require them, and it’s up to the business owner to apply for them.
  • Reading and understanding manuals: City officials always guide operators, so they must read them before operating their equipment. Regulatory requirements may vary from state to state, not just city to city.
  • Buying the right equipment:  A shovel, ice scraper, and de-icer aren’t going to cut it. Business owners will need an electric snowblower that operates silently but efficiently, a salt spreader, and a plow blade for their truck or van.

2. Landscaping

Nothing screams winter wonderland than a picture-perfect lawn, but homeowners can’t achieve that without poor landscaping.

Landscaping during this season makes a perfect side hustle because:

  • Owners don’t have plenty of time to tend to the yard, yet they’re busy planning get-togethers at home.
  • Contrary to what most people think, starting the gig isn’t complicated or expensive. One can always begin with cutting lawn grass, which needs to be at an ideal height to beat the stress of the frigid temperature.
  • Every day is an excellent opportunity to boost curb appeal and, therefore, increase the property’s value. Many potential homebuyers shop during the winter because of less competition, more inventory, and lower house prices.

3. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

dog ready to go for a walk

The winter is a great time for dog walking and pet sitting because people often travel during the season. The AAA forecasts nearly 110 million travelers this year, about 92 percent of the recorded people pre-pandemic. Of these, over 5 million will fly, which means they’re less likely to bring pets with them.

These individuals will need someone to look after the furry babies they will leave behind, making pet sitting and dog walking in-demand winter side hustles. Pet sitters can offer the following services:

  • Feeding the pets
  • Giving them treats to relieve stress
  • Tending to their litter boxes
  • Playing with them, which they love because it burns energy and relieves boredom caused by being confined indoors for days

Business owners can start this side hustle by researching pet-sitting companies in the area to familiarize themselves. They can also sign up to platforms like Wag, which connects homeowners to potential house sitters.

Those who want to take this gig a notch higher can create a website and offer competitive and rates and premium prices for more individualized services.

4. Selling Holiday Gifts

Winter is the best time to sell holiday gifts because people are already in Christmas. They’re also frantically looking for presents for their loved ones, so they’re likely to buy from businesses that offer unique gifts.

Those who want to pursue this as a winter side gig can consider flipping where they hunt for in-demand products in thrift stores or buy these items at a discount and then sell them the total price. This strategy doesn’t cost a lot of money and prevents someone from managing a vast inventory.

They can also make subscription boxes that people are more likely to buy when they’re wrapped up in festive fervor. Popular items include skincare and beauty care, snacks, and pet supplies.

5. Virtual Assistance

Businesses have so much on their plate this holiday season: ramping up sales, reviewing employee performance, organizing parties, planning trips, buying gifts, and a whole lot more. They can benefit from having someone to take care of routine administrative tasks.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in handy. These professionals can do anything from:

  • Scheduling social media posts and e-mails
  • Sharing post ideas across different channels
  • Answering customer queries
  • Updating business websites
  • Preparing invoices, receipts, and documents
  • Applying for taxes
  • Maintaining businesses accounts
  • Handling payroll

Virtual assistants can look for jobs in UpWork, Indeed, or Craigslist. They can also join VA groups on social media to get leads for potential clients.

People can start many side hustles this winter ASAP. The ones listed here are just a few of the most in-demand opportunities that one can pursue to make extra money without breaking the bank and possessing extensive knowledge.

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