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5 Kinds of Business Software Every Startup Should Have

A startup company should have the proper tools in order to succeed. But with all the technology available on the market, finding the right solutions can be a walk through a maze.

Here are five types of software you might want to consider getting for your business.

Bookkeeping and accounting software

By using software that automates the bookkeeping and accounting process, you will be able to avoid or minimize the errors that usually arise from doing this manually. Accessing the data will be fairly easy as well. Depending on the software you get, you can also see real-time updates regarding your finances across various devices. Many bookkeeping and accounting software use cloud services, which is ideal for data access and storage.

PBX system

Although not necessarily a software program, a private branch exchange or PBX system is a private telephone network for your company that facilitates both internal and external telephone communication. With a PBX system, your company uses only one phone line or number for several physical phones where calls between users are free.

Some PBX features are voicemail, call transfer, call recording, call queue, and interactive voice menus (IVRs). Depending on your PBX vendor, you might have to choose between traditional and hosted PBX systems.

Hosted PBX systems are the ones that commonly come in software form and are more flexible, since they are powered remotely. Traditional office PBX, on the other hand, can only be used within office premises, so you would have to provide the space and power yourself.

Employee and HR portal

human resources

Having your own employee and HR portal will make it easier to manage and keep track of your employees. Although some may define them separately, there are software providers that offer the functions for employee and HR portals in one software.

Your employees can use this software to collaborate and stay updated about company events. This software can also save you a ton of paperwork, since employees can file leaves, get payslip, view attendance, and download HR related documents through the portal. Meanwhile, HR can release announcements and payslips, and approve leave requests here.

Point-of-sale and payment processing software

This is particularly important for eCommerce. If you are selling stuff on your website, having a POS and payment processing software will enable you to easily manage your sales. Your customers will also benefit from this system, especially if the payment processing solution you choose is able to process multiple forms of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, e-banking and other payment options available for mobile devices.

Customer relationship management software

A customer relationship management software or CRM software tracks the interactions of your company with clients and prospective clients.

A CRM software tool can cover a broad range of business processes including customer support, sales management, lead tracking, customer data management and, of course, customer interaction. Though the main purpose of CRM software systems revolves around the business-customer relationship, some of the CRM software products available in the market may allow you to manage business contracts, company inventory, expenses and bills as well.

With the rapid progress of business technology, there might be a business software tool out there for every existing business process. You just have to be certain about what your company needs in order to select the software solutions that could best help you succeed.

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