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Ice Cream Truck Secrets You Can Use to Your Advantage

Going into the ice cream truck business is a great way to start your career as an entrepreneur. They’re easy to maintain, requires minimal capital and many companies out there offer great ice cream truck franchise rates you can choose from.

But before you decide on going into this business learn first about these secrets that some ice cream truck drivers shared so that you’ll have an advantage over your potential competitors.

They don’t drive aimlessly anymore

Back then, ice cream trucks drive around any neighborhood to get customers to buy their products. But these days, driving aimlessly, or at least without a specific location in mind, is no longer economical or profitable. In fact, some ice cream truck drivers allot some days when they will only go to one location to conduct their business. Some
ice cream truck drivers make arrangements wherein they’ll go to a children’s party or even a wedding and sell their products there exclusively.

If you want your ice cream truck business to prosper you should consider selling exclusively to specific events, which will guarantee that you can sell more with less overhead costs because you’ll only drive to one location than driving around various neighborhoods.

They sell more when they sell pop-culture reference ice creams

You should always be updated with the latest kids’ craze because most of your customers are going to be children so whatever they’re into should be what your ice cream products should be into as well.

For example, the majority of kids these days are into superhero movies, so make sure that your ice cream products have designs that look like kids’ favorite superheroes.

They experiment with their menu

ice cream sandwhich

In addition to offering ice cream with superhero designs, you should also offer something different on your menu. Serving soft ice cream or hard ice cream is the staple for any ice cream truck, but for your business to stand above the rest, you should offer something different like a small banana split sundae or an ice cream dish with cinnamon rolls in it.
Try to experiment with your menu and see if your customers will take a bite on that unique ice cream dish you concocted. A friendly reminder for your special ice cream dish: make sure that your customers can hold their ice cream in one hand so that they won’t have a hard time eating it while going about their way.

They still advertise

It’s no longer enough that people recognize the music you play whenever you’re in the neighborhood. These days even ice cream truck owners need to promote their products and services through unconventional means. This means that you should also let your customers know about your ice cream truck through social media, which makes perfect sense since majority of the people in the world are more connected with social media than any other modes of communication.

Also, if you’re going to another neighborhood, paste some flyers on your regular route to let the people there know when you’ll be back. Your loyal customers need to know your schedule; otherwise, you run the risk of losing them to someone else.

So here are some of the secrets of ice cream truck drivers you can use to give yourself the upper hand on your potential competitors. Use them wisely, and you’ll be able to prosper and beat your rivals.

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