Scaling Your Auto Repair Business

Scaling Your Auto Repair Business this 2021. Here’s How to Do It.

Your business might have suffered a slump last year due to the pandemic. You experienced a huge profit loss. It was a struggled to pay your bills. Some of your employees lost their job. Worst, you had to retire even your most loyal employees.

But this year, your business need not suffer the same fate. You can grow your business while still in a pandemic. Here are helpful steps you could do.

 1. Create a plan

It is understandable if your plans last year did not work out as you expected. But this time, you could start planning again under the new normal. Not having a plan is like traveling without a road map.

Your plans could include all the aspects of your business, like:

  • manpower
  • marketing
  • finances which include cash flow
  • inventory
  • repair and maintenance
  • customer services

2. Be visibly active in social media

Traditional media are losing their audience. People are drawn to social media now. You can leverage social media by paying only $100 for a Google ad per month instead of paying $1000 for a newspaper ad for the same duration.

You could also put up a website for it lends credibility to your business. A website provides a wider range of information pertinent to your business. Blogging can provide informative contents that might allay their doubts, confusion, concerns, and fears. Create a video about your products and how they work.

You could hire a professional social media manager to boost your visibility online if you cannot do it yourself. An experienced social manager creates an FB page, Instagram account, and Twitter profile for your business.

Do you know that there are nearly 70 million Twitter users in America alone? Imagine the potential customers you could reach if your other social media accounts are well managed and updated.

Ask your customers to make reviews or leave feedback thru the different platforms. This will immensely help you to improve some aspects of your service.

People’s purchasing behavior has been influenced by what they see online. Thus, make your online posts as attention-grabbing as you could. Use short but punchy lines when it comes to digital marketing. Consumers are drawn to easy-to-read advertisements rather than long ads.

For the young generations, if they don’t see you online, you don’t exist.

3. Focus more on your customer’s needs and wants

It doesn’t matter to your customers how long you have been existing nor how you have grown thru the years. They are interested in the quality of service you can provide. If you can offer something of value or meet their needs, it is easier to establish customer loyalty. After all, business is all about customer satisfaction.

 4. Offer promotions or freebies in-store and online


It might take a pinch from your wallet. But surveys showed that nearly three-fourths or 75% of Americans consider freebies and promotions to play big factors in their buying decisions. On the other hand, four out of five or 81% of customers would patronize a business when they find good discounts.

Here are some promos you could offer that can drive traffic to your website.

  • Free car stereo installation as referral incentive
  • Discount coupons for loyal customers
  • Giving away freebies for new customers
  • Create contests or raffle draws for your anniversary or special occasions
  • Implement a subscription service plan

Include these as parts of your marketing strategy, making sure they are posted in your social media accounts.

5. Connect with social media communities

Joining these communities will widen your network. You could engage with your potential customers, suppliers, and individuals in the same business. It is like an online support group where you could exchange ideas, find useful information and business advice.

6. Create an email account

An email is a virtual communication that allows you to send messages to and from anywhere in the world.

Here are the reasons why you should have an email account.

  • It allows you to communicate directly with your customers and vice versa.
  • It facilitates faster communication
  • It offers businesses a cost-effective way to advertise
  • It helps in filing and documentation

The year 2021 might still be full of uncertainties. The business climate might not improve overnight. But as a business owner, you could turn things around in favor of your business. With proper planning, leveraging the different social media platforms, and utilizing tools, you are on your way to recovery. You only need to be open to new ideas of doing business and intentional in all your actions.

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