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Business Online: How to Effectively Manage a Start-up in the Pandemic

Times like this current pandemic are uncertain, and things are happening right now that never happened before. There has never been a time when businesses came under attack from an unseen enemy: the virus. There has also never been a time when more employees could work from the safety of their homes.

Some companies may have closed, but others managed to face the pandemic head-on. Your local landscaping services could’ve transitioned to the web, which has been a big part of why other companies are around and why some businesses have started despite the pandemic.

Management of the company is a whole other issue, but it’s also a benefit of the digital movement going now. Even during the pandemic, you can make sure that your company is up and running. Here are a few tips on running your business from the comfort of your own home.

Create clear-cut goals for productivity

Like pre-pandemic days, you need to deliver a clear message on how production will flow through when you’re working from home. You need to be straight and specific with your goals for the day, week, or month so that it will be easier for your staff to understand. There is different management software for this task that you can use.

The specific goals differ from employee to employee. For instance, a set number of articles may be expected of a writer, while the marketing department takes care of reaching out to publishers or potential blogs where the write-ups may appear. This is also subject to a quota, or not, depending on your company’s agenda.

Communicate with your workers, and have them communicate too

The communication to and from you and your employees may happen more seamlessly because of technology. It’s not nice that you don’t have to stand up to talk to them because you need the exercise. What’s nice is that you may send them a message and speak to them face-to-face through a messaging app afterward.

You may also encourage them to talk with each other using these avenues. It makes for effortless collaboration between members of your team if they do this. If they are this efficient, then it rubs off on the company as well.

Set guidelines for professional communication and banter

In the office, you may find that you receive letters that have letterheads on them. You don’t really need to place that to convey the professionalism of a message. Instead, you can set guidelines on how people can message each other to differentiate office matters from water cooler banter.

Work is different during these uncertain times too. Some employees may be parents who are also helping their children with schoolwork. Again, be clear and straightforward with your message to them. If they know what you want right away, you can also get quick results. It’s a two-way street.

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Create an environment that productive

When you’re working, you’ll want as few distractions as possible. That’s why the area where you work at home is important. If you have children, you’ll want a place where they cannot disturb you during work time. When you’re single, you’ll want a workplace that’s as private and as silent as can be so that you can tune your focus.

Some jobs may allow you to be relaxed while working, but this won’t fly with other work. To commit to productivity in running your company or working for one, you need to set up your workplace to attune your career success.

Care for your mental health

This is the part where the ‘work in pajamas’ bit comes in. If you find yourself constantly stressed, you should review your work hours, even if you’re working remotely. You might unconsciously be mixing work with play or letting your work seep well into your rest time.

You must set boundaries between work and your after-work hours. Designate a time when you’re available to work and up to what time you’re going to work. If there is still work remaining to be done, you should — if you could — set that aside and continue tomorrow.

Managing a business from home is the same as managing it in an office. You need to have your wits about you and to be the best and most productive version of yourself you can be. A simple setting of expectations, a re-model of your work-from-home space, and a set time of work may be all you need to continue to be your best.

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