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Please Start Listening To Your Gut Feelings!

Have you ever just had a bad feeling out of nowhere? That sudden sickening of the stomach or maybe a cold shiver up your spine right before something big happens? Yeah, that’s called your gut feeling and instincts kicking into overdrive. It’s registering a thought, idea, or event way before your brain can even process it. It’s a neat trick that’s kept most of our ancestors alive and even helped the most successful people today make important decisions!

However, over the recent years, we’ve seen a downtrend of relying on gut feelings as people replace them with monotonous schedules, leaving things to others and growing insensitive to our natural instincts. What’s worse, when people do get to experience them, most just shrug it off and don’t even acknowledge them. And, we think it’s high time we start addressing how important they can be.

Aren’t They Irrational?

Of course, we won’t deny that most of our gut feelings act up based on hunches and, for the most part, don’t undergo any sort of logical analysis. So, if your instincts tell you to deviate from a perfectly sound investment plan, urging you to bet high stakes, or encourage you to do something crazy, then that’s best shut off. But, not all gut feelings work this way, and there is merit to listening to them now and then.

#1 Feeling Uneasy and Uncomfortable

Yes, it’s perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable at times, especially if you’re in a new environment or trying something you don’t typically see yourself doing. It’s the body’s natural way of responding to events and scenarios that make you feel uneasy. However, if that feeling of uneasiness and discomfort spark up out of nowhere and persist, then it may be your gut feeling pertaining to something more substantial.

  • Look to Yourself: There’s a lot of things to try and look back on, so you might want to tackle the most recent activities. Common problems include forgetting to turn the lights off, your car still running in the garage, some milk inside the fridge way past its expiry date, and so many more. With how busy most of us have become during this pandemic, glancing over our responsibilities has also become a bad habit. So, listen to your instincts and try to recall.
  • Check on Close Friends and Family: We’re all connected one way or another, and that resonance rings deeply with our close friends and family. A very bad gut feeling could hint at something terrible happening, so don’t risk it and check on your loved ones. It doesn’t hurt to be a bit cautious and, for all we know, you could’ve stopped something bad.

#2 Sudden Rush of Confidence and Inspiration

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Likewise, not all gut feelings revolve around the not-so-appealing news. They can also include sudden rushes of confidence and inspiration, enabling you to do so much and bringing out your 120% potential. Sure, you could attribute these to shower thoughts or a burst eureka moment, but nothing beats the welling up of motivation from deep inside your stomach and outward to your entire body.

  • Happy Place: This feeling of confidence and inspiration could just be your body’s way of saying that you’re in a good spot, and it recognizes your current situation as a happy place. It might not seem like much to you now, but whenever you’re feeling down, recall this moment and try to recreate it to put you at ease. Overall, it’s an excellent tool to utilize when you’re caught in a bind.
  • Do Something Productive: It may sound like the obvious thing to do, but people often fail to capitalize on this sudden rush of confidence and inspiration and end up doing nothing! So, instead of relaxing and putting on your couch potato mode, we suggest busting out all the stops and do something productive. Whether it’s hitting the gym, writing that report, or picking up the paintbrush, it’s all up to you.

#3 Uncontrollable Restlessness

Lastly, and also one of the most annoying, is the gut feeling of uncontrollable restlessness. You could be jumping into bed, trying to fall asleep, and suddenly something just doesn’t sit right. It’s not a bad feeling, but it’s circulating your thoughts, and you can’t put your finger on it.

  • An Opportunity’s Waiting: Restlessness is a telltale sign of not answering an opportunity knocking at your door. Of course, we don’t advocate jumping into things without a clear thought in mind, but we also don’t advocate letting opportunities slip past your hands. So, do yourself a favor and check out what’s keeping you up.
  • You Forget Something: Other than an opportunity, restlessness could also signal you forgot to do something like getting the ingredients for the mushroom sauced noodle recipe or preparing your clothes for a road trip. They’re usually harmless in nature, but they can get a little tricky to handle.

Don’t Brush Off Gut Feelings!

Overall, we want to remind everyone that gut feelings exist for a reason, so don’t just brush them off to the side without even acknowledging them. It could be keeping you safe from danger or pointing out a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Who knows what you’re missing out on by not giving it a chance?


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